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Why Have Your Spine Checked


Because chiropractic care can  help with any number of symptoms and problems, I believe every spine should be checked.

 Do you  only go to the dentist when you have a tooth ache? Or, do you get  checked regularly to catch cavities and other problems when they are small, and to be proactive with preventative care?

While you spine houses all communication from your brain to every functioning organ in  your body (the nervous system).   Your spine may be out of alignment  (chiropractors call it subluxated ) from everyday life, a sports injury, a childhood fall, an accident, excessive sitting etc. and sustaining pressure is put on the nerves, less than 100% communicating is happening-causing damage to the organ that nerve is supplying.

Some commend conditions you may recognize in yourself or others are: headaches,   allergies,   neck pain,    recurrent sinus infections,    arm pain,   carpal tunnel syndrome,   stomach disorders,   shoulder pains,   mid back pain,   sciatic pain,   low back pain,   leg pain  , indigestion,    menstrual problems and more.

Millions of people who suffer  from a wide variety of conditions have benefited form chiropractic care even though chiropractic is not a "specific  ailment"  treatment.

Why?  Because chiropractic is a method of healthcare that permits your body to function at its best. That is especially important if you suffer from any of the above symptoms.  Your immune system keeps you 100% natural organic, unadulterated.  It recognizes and destroys anything  that is not supposed to be in you, bacteria, viruses, pollutants, dust, pollen, drugs, tumors, dead pieces of your own skin cells, and even artificial hearts and donor organs ( metal and plastic  however do not trigger an immune reaction).

A healthy immune system means higher resistance to disease and infection, better ability to deal with stress and greater health and well being.  A nervous system without interference (Stress ) functions more efficiently.

Chiropractors correct a basic cause of body malfunction to improve the function of your immune system.  Please note the chiropractic approach is to remove vertebral subluxation, a common spinal disorder that puts stress on your nervous system.  Freed of nervous system stress, your body will work more effectively.